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Welcome to Plant High School
One of the Top 100 Schools in America
H.B. Plant High School Guidance Department
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H. B. Plant High School has five school counselors to meet the needs of students, as well as a college and career counselor.  The counseling department focuses on the development of the whole student providing personal social, academic, college, and career counseling.  Support is provided for students through individual counseling, groups, and through classroom presentations by grade level.

Our Program
The counseling department at H. B. Plant High School is a comprehensive counseling program that promotes student achievement through developmental and preventative programs.  Counselors focus on student outcomes providing structured lessons for students to attain desired competencies.  

Working in partnership with parents, staff, and community partners, counselors consistently strive to provide quality programs and services aligned with the vision and mission of the school so every child excels and achieves success.

• Academic planning
• Parent teacher conferences
• Support systems
• Intervention responses
• Individual & group counseling
• Parent consultation
• Referral sources
• Crisis responses
• College planning
• Class & evening presentations
• College Visits
• Scholarships
• Career exploration
• Hands-on class lessons
• Inventories and assessments
• Evaluation


Plant High Guidance Department Staff

School Counselors
Louan Tolbert
Counselor for A-Da
ext. 238

Cheryl Hardy
Counselor for De-He
ext. 240

Athena Dicus, Guidance Department Head
Counselor for Hi-Mc
ext. 239

Terry Hoke
Counselor for Me-R
ext. 241

Randi Litwak
Counselor for S-Z
ext. 242

Lauren Spinka
College and Career Counselor
ext. 281
Carole Morales
Guidance Secretary
ext. 225

Susan Gray
Student Success Specialist
 ext. 243

James Landers
School Psychologist
 ext. 261

Leland Schardt
School Social Worker
Ext. 293

Kim Wilson
Contact for Transcript Processing
ext. 234

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Last Modified: Jul 27, 2015