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Welcome to Plant High School
One of the Top 100 Schools in America

H. B. Plant High School has a long-standing history and tradition of academic excellence

H.B. Plant High School, built in 1926, is a traditional public high school serving grades 9-12 with a yearly enrollment of approximately 2,400 students. Plant High School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, has twice been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, and is currently ranked #89 Most Challenging Schools by Washington Post. The student body makeup is 49 percent male and 51 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 31 percent. Henry B. Plant High School is 1 of 53 high schools in the Hillsborough County Public Schools.  

H. B. Plant High School offers a rigorous curriculum in a variety of academic areas at each grade level, allowing students to excel and achieve academic excellence. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP® participation rate at Henry B. Plant High School is 83 percent.

AP Courses
Honors Courses
Plant offers 28 Advanced Placement Courses in English, Science, Math, Social Science, Technology, Foreign Language, and the arts. 

AP exam pass rates increased dramatically to 61.7% in 2014-15.  Over 3,500 AP tests were taken.
Plant offers 45 honors courses in all core academic areas of English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Technology, Foreign Language, and the Arts.  Courses at the honors-gifted level are available for students who require a greater academic challenge.

H.B. Plant High School
2415 S. Himes Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33629
Telephone: 813.272.3033
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Congratulations to the Plant PTSA, Staff and Faculty
Plant High has recently been honored by The Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, and Newsweek/The Daily Beast as one of the top high schools in the nation.  Congratulations to our staff & students on these incredible accolades.  

News Feed
  • SERVICE HOURS:   Forms are available at the Guidance tab on the left side bar.  Students will complete both the "Proposal" and the "Hours Log" and will submit both forms to guidance after the hours are complete to be logged into the system.  Pre-approval is not required IF the service addresses a social issue AND meets the Bright Futures guidelines.  Service that is performed at organizations that require a fee for student participation/hours are not accepted.  VBS or any religous activity will not be accepted, unless the student is performing service in the community through the church (feeding the homeless, restoring homes, etc).  Students can begin turning in summer Service Forms after September 8th to guidance.
  • FALL Semester HCC Dual Enrollment:  Registration for FALL 2015 dual enrollment began at HCC on May 4th.  The deadline for all paperwork from the PLANT COUNSELOR to be submitted was JUNE 5th.  Students can inquire with their counselor in August about Dual Enrollment for the spring 2016 semester.
  • Florida Virtual School or Hillsborough Virtual School   
  • No forms or paperwork are required;  to register go to
  • Any student may register for these free online classes.     
  • Both core classes and electives are available.  Students have the option to complete a semester elective OR a full credit/year course to meet the graduation requirement.
  • Plant staff will be verifying these student requests regularly.  Once the course has been verified, the student’s actual placement in the course may take several weeks.  Once the student has completed the registration process, any further questions about FLVS or HVS should be directed to FLVS at 1-407-513-3587.   
It's Summer Break!
Check out this student made video congratulating everyone on a year well done!
Summer Reading Assignments
Students can find their summer reading assignments for all classes at this site
Failed a course??  Here are your options for the summer
Adult Education/Night School at Jefferson   
  • For students age 16 and older only
  • Core academic classes available via online instruction.
  •  These courses do not require daily attendance, but the students must take their exams on Jefferson’s campus.  
  • Classes are offered from June 2 to June 30 and from July 6 to July 31.
  •  To register for summer night school, the student must pick up a registration form from Ms. Hellenberg in Plant’s main office.  With this form, the student can register at Jefferson High School between the hours of 4 pm and 9 pm Monday through Thursday.
Florida Virtual School or Hillsborough Virtual School   
  • No forms or paperwork are required;  to register go to
  • Any student may register for these free online classes.     
  • Both core classes and electives are available.   Virtual classes are a good option for highly motivated, independent students with good time management skills.  
  • Plant counselors will be verifying these student requests regularly.  Once the counselor has verified the course, the student’s actual placement in the course can take several weeks.  Once the student has completed the registration process, any further questions about FLVS or HVS should be directed to 1-407-513-3587.   
Credit Recovery at Robinson High School   
  • Open to all students on a space available basis.  Core academic classes available via online instruction.  
  • Classes are offered Monday through Thursday from 8:30 to 2:30 in Robinson High School’s Media Center.  Classes begin June 9 and end July 7.
  •  To register, students must pick up a Credit Recovery Registration form from Carole Morales in Plant’s main office.
**The other option is to wait until August when Plant’s counselors return to work and discuss how to make up the failed course(s) during the coming school year.  DON’T PANIC.   In most instances students can make up all failed courses during the school year and graduate on time.  For many students who struggle academically, this is the best option.   

One-time membership drive
P.H.S. Art Club
You may join the P.H.S. Art Club AFTER school
( 2:10 p.m.) on Monday, September 14th
Dues are just $15.00, and that includes Club T-Shirt,
Club Card, Yearbook photo, and
awards in May for active membership.
Please make check out to P.H.S.
Checks must have phone number and address.
or have correct cash payment.
Your Student Sponsor:________________________________
(If you are sponsoring yourself, you get five bonus points for joining on the 14th of September after school.)
Updated FSA Information
EOC Options for Determining Final Grades
State law requires our students to pass the Algebra I EOC or the comparative PERT to graduate from high school. Students have also been required to count the FSA Math EOC’s as 30% of their final grade. Due to the lateness of the FSA EOC test scores, the state has determined that the FSA EOC’s in Alg. I, II and Geom. will not be required for 30%. As a result, school districts have been asked to calculate final course grades and make promotion decisions without regard to the 30% rule.
Students will have three options to complete their final grades in the following EOC courses:  Algebra I, Algebra 2 and Geometry (regular, honors and IB).
Option 1:
Their final grades will be determined utilizing the 2 grade method seen below:

Two Grades quality points
(from 3rd & 4th quarters combined)
Letter Grade
7 - 8
A = 4 quality pts.
5 - 6
B = 3 quality pts.
3 - 4
C = 2 quality pts.
D = 1 quality pt.
0 - 1
F = 0 quality pts.

Teachers will input their 4th quarter grades, with an ‘H’ as an exam grade, to indicate that the grades should be calculated as if the student exempted the exam. Thus the final grade will be an average of the quarter 3 and 4 grades. (without any requirements that are need for exam exemptions)

Option 2:
If a student has a banked EOC grade it may also count as 30% and can be used as the third score. This EOC score will be pulled by IS when determining the students final grade. The teacher should input in the “H” for all students. IS will check ALL students for a banked EOC score and use it if it advantages the student. (without any requirements that are need for exam exemptions)
*Please distribute the student information to your teachers to assist with banked score information that will be sent in a separate email.
score and use it if it advantages the student. (without any requirements that are need for exam exemptions)
*Please distribute the student information to your teachers to assist with banked score information that will be sent in a separate email.

Option 3:
If a student is not passing or wants to improve the present grade, they may utilize their 3rd & 4th nine week’s grades and an optional scaled district semester exam. In this situation:
  • students can opt to take a district semester exam in Alg. I, Geom. or Alg. II (Reg., Hon and IB) to count for 30% of their final grade.
  •     grades will be weighted the same way as they have been, as seen in the Student Handbook on page 59 & 60.
  •    in the event that the semester exam lowers their grade, the student would revert back to option 1 or 2, whichever advantages the student.
  •    there will not be an F* below 50% that will be used on this district semester exam. With this option, the teacher will enter the student’s optional district exam grade in the exam column.
The teacher will work with their administration to determine which option to use to determine the final grade for each student. If it is determined that the optional district exam grade would lower the student’s final grade, the teacher should input in an “H” for the exam grade. *See attached Final semester grade calculations guide to assist with final grade determination.
Girls Cross Country Summer Conditioning
All girls interested in doing Cross Country in the Fall need to contact Coach Harrison ( as soon as possible about what days of the week and times we meet. Conditioning begins on June 8th.  All paperwork must be completed before you may practice. NO EXPERIENCE  NECESSARY. Just a desire to get in great shape, meet new friends, and compete. You start at your own pace and distance. Practice is not mandatory in the Summer until August 3rd but the more you do in the Summer the better you will be in the Fall.
Having Trouble with EDSBY?
If you CANNOT activate your account, please complete the following form and Email it to the new technology staff.
Students can access their accounts using their regular school computer log-in information.  Please note that your initial computer login is your student number.  If you do not have your access information, you can get one here.
There is also a very helpful online resource on  youtube

Girls Basketball Summer Camp Registration Now Open!
Register Here
Plant High Bell Schedule
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Adult Mentors Needed
Plant students need your help this school year.  We are looking for empathetic adults who can devote one class period per week to make a real difference in a student's life.  The program is extremely flexible and rewarding!  For more information, contact Teresa Wilkins
813-846-3048, Click on the icon below for more information!
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Plant High's Honesty and Integrity Campaign
At Plant High School, we put an importance on honesty and integrity and the values that go with these attributes. Click below for our policies.
Academic Honesty Policy
Academic Integrity Contract
Interested in Our AVID Program?
Click on the link to the AVID page below for more information or print the AVID Application AND application essay (also below) to apply.
AVID Application
AVID Application Essay
Bullying Policy
PHS and the School District of Hillsborough County are committed to providing an educational setting that is safe, secure, and free from harassment and bullying for all of its students and school employees. Please click below for the School Board Policy on Bullying and Harassment.
Policy on Bullying and Harassment
PHS School Improvement Plan
You can access the PHS School Improvement Plan on the Hillsborough County Schools website or by clicking the link below.
Plant School Improvement Plan
PHS E-MAIL News Services
Communication is important to everyone at Plant High School. Stay informed with Plant's email newsletter, Panther Press. Sponsored by the PTSA and transmitted bi-weekly during the school year, Panther Press includes timely and important school news and activities with reports from all corners of the campus.
Subscribe to Panther Press
New to Plant High? Catch up with the Panthers.
Read Past Panther Press Editions
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